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At Panna Thai we pride ourselves on providing an authentic Thai culinary experience. Seating around 50 people our restaurant is situated on the ever bustling St.Georges Rd in North Fitzroy. For bookings please call 



*this is for pick up only


​Roti bread with peanut sauce  -  $5.80

Deep Fried salt and pepper tofu (8 pcs) - $7.80

Vegetarian curry puff (4 pcs) - $7.80

Vegetarian springs rolls (4 pcs) (V) - $6.80

Prawns and crab spring rolls (4 pcs) - $6.80

Lemon pepper calamari with sweet chili sauce - $9.80

Fried marinaded chicken ribs with Thai herbs (4 ribs) - $8.80

Grilled prawns with tomato and avocado salsa in a crispy wonton cup (2 pcs) - $9.80

Potato wrapped prawns (4 pcs) - $8.60

BBQ chicken satay skewers with peanut sauce (3 pcs) - $8.60

Larb Ped (3 pcs) - $12.80

   Duck mince, ground roasted rice, mint, red onion, coriander and chilli with a homemade lemon dressing


Sizzling beef stir fried with homemade chilli sauce - $18.80
Stir fried scotch fillets with seasonal vegetables and homemade chilli sauce. (S)

Pad Cha Talay - $21.80
Prawns, calamari, crispy fish fillet with peppercorns, bamboo shoots, finger root and mixed vegetables tossed in homemade pad cha sauce. (S)

Crunchy rockling fish - $22.80
Sweet and spicy sauce or lemongrass and tamarind sauce. (S)

Panna Thai fried rice with prawns - $17.80
Jasmine rice with prawns, broccoli, capsicum, finger root, peppercorns, onion, sping onion garnished with a fried egg (S)


Vegetables : $14.80 | Chicken : $15.80

Beef : $17.80 | Prawns : $20.80

Cashew nut and chilli jam stir fry

Stir fried with Asian vegetables, cashew nuts and chilli jam sauce

Pepper and basic stir fry

Stir fried with basic, bamboo shoots, Asian vegetables with pepper and garlic sauce. (S)

Mushroom and oyster sauce

Stir fried broccoli, baby corn, bok choi, capsicum, onion, mushroom and zucchini with oyster sauce.

Stay sauce stir fry

Stir fried Asian vegetables with Satay Sauce

Ginger sauce stir fry

Stir fried ginger, fungus, mushroom, Asian vegetables with ginger sauce.


Jasmine Rice - $2.80

Coconut Rice - $3.80

Roti Bread - $3.80

Garden Salad - $7.80



Stir-Fried Barrumundi Fillets - $22.80

Barrumundi with ginger and Chinese celery

Snow Peas Prawn stir fry - $22.80

Prawns stir-fried with snow peas, Shrimp paste and soya bean oil.


Tom yum prawns soup - $8.60
Prawns, tomato, baby corn, mushrooms, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves. (S)

Tom kha chicken soup - $8.60
Chicken, mushroom, baby corn, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves

Fried tofu with steamed Asiangreens and peanut sauce (V) - $15.50
Broccoli, bok choi, baby corn, carrot, mushroom and zucchini

Fried tofu with steamed Asiangreens and peanut sauce (V) - $15.50
Broccoli, bok choi, baby corn, carrot,mushroom and zucchini

Som Tam deep fried soft shell crab - $15.80
Green papaya, carrot, snake beans, tomato, garlic, chilli, roasted peanuts with lemon and tamarind dressing. (S)

Pia Goong - $17.80
Lightly battered king prawns with lemongrass, red onions, carrot, coriander tossed in chilli jam dressing. (S)

Thai beef salad with num jim dressing  - $17.80 
Grilled scotch fillets with carrot, cucumber, coriander, bean shoots, red onion and tomato. (S)

Crunchy Barramundi fish with green apple salad - $21.80
Julienne green apple, red onion, coriander, chilli with lemon and fish sauce dressing.  


Vegetables : $14.80 | Chicken : $14.80

Beef : $15.80 | Prawns : 17.80

Pad Thai

Rice noodles, red onion, snake beans, bean shoots, egg and peanuts

Pad See Ew

Flat rice noodles, broccoli, bok choi, egg and dark sweet soy sauce.

Pad kee mau

Flat rice noodles, broccoli, bok choi, chilli, egg, basil and bamboo shoots. (S)

Thai fried rice

Jasmine rice with broccoli, onion, tomato, spring onion and egg.



Poached chicken green curry - $16.80



With bamboo shoots, basil, capsicum, snake beans and zucchini. (S)

Roasted duck and lychee red curry - $18.80

With bamboo shoots, basil, carrots, capsicum, lychees, snake beans and zucchini.

Slow cooked beef massaman curry - $16.80

With potato, cashew nut and fried shallots.



244-246 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North, VIC, 3068

For bookings / phone orders please call (03) 9489 8107

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Panna Thai, Authenic Thai food located in North Fitzroy